Champs in -12 degrees C!

We have been practising ski technique at Täby Konstsnöspår/Arninge Golf Club last Sunday afternoon and tonight. It was very cold tonight, -12 degrees Celsius! We were missing 2 people from the team, otherwise everybody joined tonight!

The biggest question was how to keep warm. My answer was “do not stand still, keep moving all the time!” so the team did get some distance done. Follow the top 5 on our homepage

First ski camp @SkiDome Göteborg

We are at our first ski camp in Göteborg SkiDome! What an amazing day! The day has been fantastic! The participants have progressed from never having skied before, walking carefully on skis, to running up the hill and daring to go down the hill with speed!

We were missing the delivery of Rottefella bindings which Sportwin and SWIX jointly helped us with so we could pick them up at InterSport inside the SkiDome! Amazing people!

Thank you Joakim Adolfsson from IBM Skid & Cykel for your great ski instructions for the team, and for showing us excellent ski techniques!

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Training sessions @IBM Gym

Our first training session was in the IBM Gym at Kista, Stockholm. Everybody came to practise and our coaches Emma and Mikael had the whole team exercising really hard!

We got good use of the IBM bottles from Marie Nilsson, our IBM Diversity Leader.

After the training we made sure to do some thorough streching! :)

We had our second Kickoff!

The whole team came to our second kickoff! We were 18 people at the meeting and all coaches attended.

Bente started with telling a bit about her sports background, that she has been skiing TjejVasan (30km), KortVasan (30km) and biked CykelVasan (90km) so she knows how much training is required to complete the races.  She encouraged the team to start training according to the schedule Emma and Mikael had created.

The schedule contains ski adapted exercises. You can see the schedule here, and the training schedule for October and November here.

We are sponsored with a great ski instructor Erik Wickström who has written an amazing ski book called “Längdåkning för dig“.

Ski book from Erik Wickström

Today we got a ski book sponsored by one of Swedens best ski instructors Erik Wickström! It is perfect to use for exercises and  inspiration for beginners as well as advanced skiers.  Two of the chapters are called “Snow free” training and “Skiing in the gym”.

1. Warming up 
2. Ski technique
3. Equipment
4. Endurance
5. Snow free training
6. Skiing in the gym
7. Programs
8. Health
9. Waxing
10. Your Vasalopp
11. Finish line

This is where we found our inspiration for the teams indoor training. The coaches have put together training schedules for the team to prepare for the outdoors.

For more inspiration please visit Erik Wickström’s YouTube Channel:

Read more about Erik here:

Get Erik’s book:

We had our first Kickoff!

Today we had our Kickoff! Vasaloppets Sponsor Manager Eva Hörwing came to speak to us about what Vasaloppet is. She told us alot of good to know facts so we know what the challenge will be all about.

IBMs Skid & Cykel section leader Tommy Forsberg came to tell us about Stafettvasan and he even brought his skis for us to see!

We were sponsored by IBM Nordic Diversity leader Marie Nilsson with tasty wraps, and she came to tell about diversity at IBM.

There were participants that could not join so we decided to have a second kickoff.

Global Delivery goes Staffetvasan