Stafettvasan Finish - Medals!

Mission completed!! We made it!!

A phenomenal journey reached its climax on the 4th of March… a journey which started with a slightly whacky idea at first – to collect a bunch of unconnected nerds, who have at best seen snow a few times in their lives and have them compete in one of the most challenging ski races in the world.

Manju Stafettvasan Start
Manju Stafettvasan Start

Thanks to our leader Bente Acking – who relentlessly managed and motivated us (am sure I wasn’t the only one who thought her optimism and faith in us were totally unfounded initially), coaches Mikael and Emma (what were these guys thinking – trying to teach us grown ups skiing and cardio training ??), our sponsors Jonas Pergament, Sabarinath Venugopalan (they had another one of their boring dreams one day – sending humans to Mars, finding life elsewhere in the universe, teaching us skiing…), our motivators and guides Martin, Carl (snails began to sprint when they spoke, but with us – how frustrating it must’ve been!!) and all our hundreds of well wishers, our families and friends, who suppressed their amusement (they never did laugh at us once) and sincerely hoped for a miracle.

Heartfelt thanks to my teammates Madhu, Bakki, Sorin, Sanjog, Rajat, Prabhakar, Prasad, Kay Kay – who constantly encouraged me and egged me to do better (as you know, I was the laziest and had put in the least amount of miles in training).

So proud to have played a small part in the success of this endeavor. Together as a team we did it – leaving behind a lifetime of unbreakable bonds and unforgettable memories.

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